The Santee Cooper Lakes; Lake marion and Lake Moultrie are man-made reservoirs created to harness hydrolectric power but they are probably best known for their abundant fish - specifically, the striped bass.

Greenville-based Dark Corner Films captured the saga of the striped bass in the Santeee Cooper lakes in the documentary "LandLocked".  In this documentary they show how South Carolina became the state to change freshwater fishing forever.  The striped bass is stocked in lakes in most of the states and is considered one of the greatest game fish in America.  When the lock of the dams were closed to create the Santee Cooper Lakes the striped bass which was orginally an ocean dwelling fish became landlocked and unable to get back to the saltwater.

Unlike most cases of impounded lakes where fishing is good for a few years and then tapers off the striped bass thrived in the newly created lakes.  In 1972 the striped bass would become the offical state fish of South Carolina.  Since then records continued to be broke with recorded setting catches for this amazing game fish.  Striped bass are also commonly referred to as rockfish.


You can not target rockfish. There is no more catch and release.  Don't fish for striped bass from June through September.

Creel limits have been reduced from 5 to 3

The minimum size to keep is 26 inches.

You can not harvest, posses or pursue Striped Bass between June 1st and September 30th

The points for a violation is 14.

Striped bass msut be takend to land with the head and tail intact so enforement officers can measure the complete fish.